Week of Startup Books

Celebrate international book day, startups, minimalism and human interaction with a international week of Startup books that support people to swap books.

How does it work

Announce your fellow coworkers, coleegues or class mates that between 22.4. - 28.4. is startup books swap week people all around the world swap their startup book. Ask them to bring 1-5 startup books that they do not need any more to work, coworking etc. and encourage and ecouridge them to exchange them talk about if two people find the books they like the books than

Let the world now with hastah #weekofstartupbooks

    Institutions that has already join to Startup Week

    Wayra Deutschland00:00, 20.03.19Germany
    Snow Crash00:00, 20.03.19 
    Software00:00, 20.03.19 

    Let us now the name of the company and we will give you prodly on the list:


    Why should we participate?

    It is fun! It helps people to scialise (big plus if you are coworking), it helps you to just keep thinkg taht spark jou, it helps to spread new idea,

    This project is devloper by a book worm Jan Antonin Kolar as part of Wayra Residents programme, without them, there wound not be any startup book. Thanks Wayra!